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Fanny Francois Lingerie and Bikini Euro-Hotness

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We haven't seen Fanny Francois in some time around these parts, but the super hot Belgian model has never left a certain gray to dark gray matter area of my mind since first we saw her in the inaugural edition of Treats magazine. She's back and modeling lingerie and swimwear for Huit and looking all kinds of amazingly sextastic and lady-like.

I can't imagine this isn't going to help skyrocket sales of little two piece fun time clothing with women hoping to look, if not to feel, like Fanny Francois. With a name like Fanny, you know she's fun. Now you also know she's crazy hot and fun. I'd love nothing more than a private showing. For business purposes only, natural. Wait until she finds out what business I'm in. Enjoy.

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