Debby Ryan Busts Out the Biggun's for Norma Jean Gala

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I can't help but feel Marilyn would've been proud of the curves sweetheart Debby Ryan delivered last night at the Norma Jean Gala in Beverly Hills. I have no idea what's behind this gala, only I assume a charitable purpose and a ogle-worthy endeavor indeed thanks to the vastly under-appreciated Debby Ryan.

Granted, Debby rarely shows off more than her G-rated TV persona when off the screen and in the public eye. But when she gives us a little something something for the fellas, wow, she can dazzle like an A-gamer for sure. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a slow reveal, Debby. Though let's keep in mind that second word is reveal. Even a little of that super bodacious cleave has welled up some deep feelings inside where normal human emotions usually go. Let's see this to its natural conclusion. A little Private Ryan time perhaps? Enjoy.

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