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Courtney Stodden Takes a Mighty Cleavy Spill On Her Bike

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I can't say this is the most realistic bike fall ever. It kind of looks like one of the bike falls on an ABC After School Special about Tanya, the girl with the poor inner ear balance. But, no, it's Courtney Stodden and her amazingly large funbags riding a bike near the beach with one of her BMX buddies and taking a spill along a grassy knoll. She looks rather distraught. But, fear not, I do believe her built in cushions cushioned the blow.

There's really no denying that Courtney has a body literally built for attention. Say what you will about the ambitious dirty blonde, but she's going to draw eyeballs to those big yams of hers, not to mention her wide thumper stretched across that bike seat. Whether or not Courtney is ever able to build upon her current high jump mark remains to be seen. I do know I'd like to watch her try the high jump. Enjoy.

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