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Courtney Stodden Bikini Pictures Twirl and Flip and Flash Some Major League Ta-Ta's

The cartwheel always eluded me as a child, you know, when I still did hopscotch and jacks and my mom insisted my name was Renee. Ah, grade school. So I'm not going to hate on Courtney Stodden, who even with her monumental enhancements managed to pull off a full and relatively decent cartwheel along the beach just to make sure anybody who wasn't already staring at her ginormous funbags in a tiny bikini got a full and pleasant look.

Courtney is trying very hard to get noticed. I know many of you will tell me I'm part of the problem or some cliche like that for giving her attention. But I only share with you where my eyes go. If I was a automobile reporter, you'd see lots of high end vehicles, you'd also see the spectacular crashes. My mind is simple. It moves toward shiny objects. Feel free to go ahead and find your hot celebrity yabbos on PBS if you want intelligence. Enjoy.

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