‘Corporate Lifestyle Simulator’ Rails Against the File Cabinets, Suits and Cubicles of the World With Guntastic Violence (VIDEO)

Corporate Lifestyle Simulator
The bosses are... YOUR BOSSES. That's far too clever for us

Nobody likes being at the office. The office is not a place of booze, happy funtimes and unicorns shitting rainbows. It’s a place of freaking work. And as we all know, eff that.

Staying late at the office, for instance, either means that you’re… actually staying late at the office (not fun at all) or you’re genitalia-wrestling with your secretary in a sleazy motel somewhere. In the case of the latter, your wife will inevitably find out and staple your gonads to your forehead. And you’re an asshole.

So, anywho, we believe our point has been made: screw the office. In fact, let’s just go utterly crazy and trash the office. It’s called ‘smash therapy,’ apparently, and it’s the crux of $5 Steam game Corporate Lifestyle Simulator.

Your fellow tiny, cube-y midget workers have become zombies (as can sometimes happen), and you must stop them with some good ol’ fashioned bloody violence. It’s an eccentric little arcade shooter with fax machines and a lunatic sense of humor, and we’re totally on board.

Via Kotaku.