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Charlize Theron Bikini Wicked Goodness in Miami

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Oh, yes, Charlize Theron, you've still very much got it. Despite her inexplicable relationship with Sean Penn, there's no denying that blonde South African thespianic Charlize Theron still has the statuesque sextastic working full-time as evidenced by her bikini photoshoot down in Miami. As if Miami needed more hot girls in bikinis this week,

Charlize came on a paid professional venture, revealing her lean female form in numerous bikinis and midriff baring outfits. She's quite the alluring mommy. C'mon, Charlize, what does Sean Penn have that I don't? I mean, besides the oddly muscled physique for his age and rage issues? I can talk acting too, provided we're nekkid and you agree to call me Big Daddy. Enjoy.

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