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Candace Cameron Looking Mighty Child Actor Grown Up Groovy at DWTS

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You know I can't bring myself to watch Dancing With the Stars. I understand that some people love that show. I also understand some people like eating raw vegetables. I'm not here to judge, though that is truly horrible. However, I couldn't help but notice Candace Cameron, aka D.J. Tanner from the Full House TV series was looking mighty fit in her form fitting Spandex headed into rehearsals. I think that means she's on the show.

Considering how many child actors fare once their shows go off the air and adulthood finds them and slaps them in the face with reality, well, I would say Candace is looking good. So, now would be the time you can release all those inappropriate energies from years ago. At your discretion. You might want to draw the shades first. Enjoy.

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