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Bella Thorne Plays on the Swings for the Glory of Disney Cinema

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Bella Thorne was hard to miss playing on the swings while filming a scene in her latest Disney flick, Mostly Ghostly 2. Now, if you happened to miss Mostly Ghostly 1, no worries, I'm told you can come right into the sequel and still manage to pick up the complex story. As for Bella, there's nothing complex about her continuing rise to starlet stardom. She's ginger, she's cute, she's got the Disney acting chops (such as they may be), and the girls love her. That is, her fans. The boys love her too I do presume, and soon, likely, the menfolk.

She is clearly one to watch and I'd say she knows it. After her two older sisters worked their way through the Hollywood system without much breakout success, I'm sure the family is stoked that Bella caught on like she did. You might call it luck, but I don't believe in luck. I bet Bella doesn't either. It's that special 'it' factor. You got 'it' or you don't. Enjoy.

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