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Bella Thorne Getting All Grow'd Up Modeling (With a Bit of Witchcraft Too)

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They'd probably have to scientifically carbon date Disney starlet Bella Thorne for her real birthday, but her stage family sure has struck gold, err, ginger, with the third of their kids via movies and television and all around celebrity fame. We knew it from the start, and while Bella can't quite do the provocative posing of her older sister quite yet, she's still getting into the more girl-about-Hollywood ingenue photo sets like this Amber Asaly cute-tastic set that will continue to propel her star toward bigger and bigger projects.

Including this one where she's for some reason dressed as a witch:

Okay, so maybe they won't all be better projects, but bigger, as her good looks and natural flair for the public life and soon to be boyfriend scandals and the like will push her name further and further up the tabloid rankings. It's inevitable. I've seen it in the stars. I think Yoda mentioned something about it in Star Wars Episode II as well, though I couldn't sit through all of that. Enjoy.

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