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Ashley Greene Is Getting Ripped (I Can Tell From Peeking Down Her Top)

While I certainly admire the rigorous workouts of some of our sextastic celebrities, and I certainly dream of being their towel boys, wiping their sweat from every pore (I mean, ever pore), there's something to be said for the lovely curviness that often comes from not being super yoked. Ashley Greene has always had some deliciously soft curves, and now that she's getting into super fit and muscle toned shape, well, color me a concerned ogler.

While I certainly notice Ashley's arms looking like she's been super toning, it's peeking down her top, as I am apt to do, where I notice maybe a little less lovely jiggle to her wiggly puppies. I hope I'm just being an overly concerned bother, but I do hope Ashley cuts back on the sweating to the oldies when it comes to the point her lovely udders might be shrinking. We have to draw the fitness sanity line somewhere. I draw it right at the chest. Enjoy.

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