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Alessandra Ambrosio Modeling Bikinis and Looking Mighty Fine in L.A.

It was a big day for Alessandra Ambrosio yesterday in L.A.  Well, I guess everyday is a big day when you're a hot model mom, though were I Alessandra I would spend most of my days in the tub with my loofah and some Lionel Richie Best of CDs.

Alessandra began the day on top of a West Hollywood hotel modeling a new bikini line for V.S. along with angel cohort Behati Prinsloo:

Then into a form fitting bare midriff dress for a stellar sextastic appearance on Extra, a television show you'd have to threaten to stick a fork in my eye before I'd watch, but then I will most definitely be peeking behind the scenes the various lovely ladies like Alessandra pimping their wares on the set. She did have quite a day yesterday. I'd sure love to be part of her tomorrow. Enjoy.

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