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A Double Dose of Bryana Holly Skin-Filled Sextastic, It Should Make Your Evening Smoother

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We really got tons of positive feedback on Brody Jenner's former model girlfriend, Bryana Holly. While her name strikes images of Valley Girl gum chewing mall girl, her photos as in the Carlos Nunez wicked hot set above courtesy of the mind bogglingly awesome Playboy Tumblr Site (if you're not clicking on that, what the hell are you doing online?) or her covered topless and pulling down her jeans, as below...

...ought to assure you she is much more than a mall rat. She is indeed one smoking hot model who we really have to see much more from in many different positions and magically disappearing wardrobe. I wouldn't yet call her one of my super favorites, but we are getting ever so much closer to that regard. Naturally, if she asks me in person, she's my A-1 girl. That's just smart. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Carlos Nunez / Playboy for iPhone

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