2014 Academy Awards -- Oscar Red Carpet Hotties (Updating)

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So, let it begin. The 86th Academy Awards and procession of the sextastic.

We'll keep updating this as the various lovely decked out ladies of Tinsel Town exit their limos and arrive on the red carpet. But you can't be off to a better start than Ireland Baldwin and Maria Menounos.

Ah, Olivia Wilde, Emma WatsonCharlize TheronKristen Bell, Naomi Watts, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson, Penelope CruzAnna Kendrick, Amy Adams, Cate Blanchettand many more.

In summary: there wasn't much by the way of risque or cleavy or showy on the red carpet this year, but there's no doubt there were a dozen or more ladies of the Silver Screen who looked absolutely stunning in their million dollar get-ups. It's just like my prom night, except with hot girls who fit their dresses. Enjoy.

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