‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ is as Brilliantly Violent as it is Screwy With History (VIDEO)

Wolfenstein- The New Order
Those damn Nazis won't know what hit them.

Good to see you back, Wolfenstein.

For some, this venerable shooter is a bigger FPS icon than the mighty Doom. As such, it’s fair to say that this ninth installment is kind of a big deal, right here. Let’s take a look at a spangly new rendition of an old relic, with a nice dose of gameplay.

Now, we’re weren’t all that attentive in history class, but the Nazis winning World War II wasn’t ever a thing. Nevertheless, in New Order’s bizarro world, that’s how it went down. The game is set in the sixties, and tasks series stalwart B.J Blazkowitz with another mission: defending the world from the Nazis and their fancy-ass death-bots. Of death.

In a charming little throwback to the Wolfensteins of old, typically demented Nazi doctors (and their far-too-masculine female counterparts) are the order of the day here. Your nemesis is one General Deathshead, who sounds like quite the ol’ charmer. Take a look at the wartastic good times ahead in this strictly singleplayer shooter.