What’s Ryu Doing in a Turkish Car Insurance Commercial? Kicking Ass, That’s What (VIDEO)

Ryu Car Insurance
Ryu, you're an angry, angry man.

Exotic commercials are always entertaining. Whether it’s Japanese lipstick for dudes or something else demented, there’s a wonderful weirdness that we just can’t match.

How does Turkey cajole us to buy car insurance, for instance? By borrowing the talents of Street Fighter stalwart Ryu. More decrepit gamers will remember the ‘punch several shades of shit out of a car for no fathomable reason’ minigames of yore. The ones that are coming to kinda sorta real-life, right here.

Car insurance? Nuts to it, says Mr. Turkish Dude. Does Mr. Turkish Dude want his car insured? Mr. Turkish Dude does not, because he’s a renegade badass who lives on the edge and breaks any law he pleases. So when Ryu hadokens and shoryukens his vehicle into a sad, sad heap of shattered metal, our sympathy is limited.

It’s almost –almost– as great as the time he gave Taylor Swift a comedy beating.

Via Destructoid.