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Watch Johnny Depp Become the Internet in the New 'Transcendence' Trailer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to transfer your consciousness to a computer? Would it actually be you on the other side, or just a digital doppelganger mimicking your thought process?

I personally became one with the Internet back in 2008, but for those of you who haven't made the switch, Transcendence attempts to explore these perplexing questions.

When A.I. scientist Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is shot with a radioactive bullet by a group of anti-technology extremists, his days are numbered. But his wife and fellow researcher Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) refuses to accept his fate, and uploads his consciousness to a supercomputer. Before long, Caster's consciousness makes its way to the Internet, and shit quickly gets real. Now, Evelyn and Caster's former colleagues are in a race against time to figure out if this entity really is the man they knew, and if there's any way to stop him. Also, they're forced to look at some crappy CGI.

Transcendence hits theaters April 17th. (Source)

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