Vanessa Rivers Bikini Pictures Put the Long in Long Board Assistance

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Vanessa Rivers is a self-described celebrity surfing instructor and bikini designer. Which means she probably has the best job ever, or at least a couple pursuits where I would certainly get into a lot of trouble. However it is she helps the hotties to get out on the water in tiny bikinis, well, I say, bless you, Vanessa.

We've all got to do our part to make the world a better looking and more ogle-worthy venue. Which Vanessa also does by sharing her own two-piece bikini body treats on the beach in Miami, coming out of the deep blue for a little dripping wet boobtastic show. She seems like the complete package to me. I probably need to sign up for a couple lessons with Vanessa's surfing school. Private lessons. Where I can hang ten. Well, maybe not ten, but that's only because the waters a bit chilly today. Enjoy.

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