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The First 'Godzilla' Trailer Now Has a Director Commentary Edition

The vast majority of movie trailers suck, which really should come as no surprise since the vast majority of movies suck. It's not like you can take a movie that's practically about nothing and somehow make the trailer be about something.

Luckily the trailer for the new Godzilla movie that was released this week does not suck. In fact, it is ridiculously awesome. Not only does it feature stunning visuals and chilling sound effects, but it is also so packed with Easter eggs that the director, Gareth Edwards, actually had to sit down with Empire and explain the trailer almost shot for shot.

Above you'll find the trailer. After you watch that two to three times, follow this link to the director's commentary edition. However, be warned that Edwards does give away a good chunk of the plot. So, like, SPOILER ALERT or whatever.

Gorzilla stars Bryant Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, and Ken Watanabe, and hits theaters May 16.

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