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Taylor Swift Rocks Out for the Kids, But Pleases the Grown Men in Jolly Old England

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Her songs and style and whole silly stage show might be meant for her younger skewing audience, but there's no doubt Taylor Swifthas some allure in her bag of long legged tricks for the older lads and blokes among the crowd at her 02 arena concert in London. The costumes and get-ups are a bit much, and I'm not sure Taylor actually plays electric guitar, but she seems quite earnest in her shtick and wardrobe, so I'm willing to stare at her gams and long writhing body on stage and pretend it's all part of some secretly grown up sensual act designed to provoke the lesser angels like myself.

Taylor Swift has become somewhat of a controversial figure over the past few years for her high maintenance girlfriend routine, but, it's times like these it's good to remind yourself you're not actually dating her, just staring at her and pretending you have one night alone with her in her London hotel giving her a full body massage, from lipstick to toenails. See, there, that's much better. Enjoy.

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