Stealth Means a Big Ol’ Club to the Cranium in Latest ‘Thief’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Thief Trailer Feb 14
Whatever's at the top of this rope, he damn well wants it.

Now, Thief hasn’t embraced the hypetastic like most of its next-gen brothers. What with the much ballyhooed Titanfall and Watch Dogs and such, it has had little chance to shine. Not that there’s much ‘shining’ to be had anyway, as the whole damn game is smogged up by the smoggiest smog that ever smogged. It’s like falling inside a gloomy cotton candy machine.

But anywho. That’s all in the name of atmosphere, it’s looking pretty darn fancy-ass nonetheless, and we’re getting off topic. So, with release looming (February 25), we needed a long leering look at just what Thief has to offer. And lo, here’s one now. Touche, PR dudes.

Here’s our first real opportunity to ogle the game mechanics proper, and there’s a modest amount of badassery on display here. The developers may be overstating our freedom to ‘improvise’ and try out myriad ways of achieving our objectives, but it’s looking promisingly freeroamy and Tomb Raider/Assassin’s Creed-y nonetheless.

For the record, it’s uncanny how many of these different approaches to your goals involve killing someone in the face. It’s swift, brutal and crunchy deaths-amundo right here. But hey, what’s a brooding anti-hero with a huge jagged death stick to do?