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Sony Sells PS+ With Another Fancy-Ass Commercial (VIDEO)

"But... but Mr. Sony, surely next-gen is now current-gen? This ‘next-gen multiplayer' you speak of, are you talking about PlayStation 5 or something? That's what people are going to think. No disrespect, sir, but that's some major bollocks you're talking right there."

But Mr. Sony takes sass from no man. He doesn't care where the last/current/next generation lines are drawn with regards to PS3 and PS4. He's got a spangly new ‘PS+ subscriptions are mandatory to play online' policy, and he's going to sell those darn subscriptions any way he can. With a fancy new ad, for starters.

As we saw with that Codnapping business last month, game commercials are getting ever more melodramatic, theatrical and money-wastey. This latest effort, Experience More Together, has some frankly unnecessary production values behind it too. It gets its point across with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the eyeball: with PlayStation, we experience games literally. By having our asses sucked right into them.

Just like that kid who chases drug dealers with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero. Man, Sony's PR dudes are earning their keep.

Via Destructoid.

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