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Rita Rusic Bikini GILFtastic Returns to the Beach in Florida

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Where have you been all my 2014, my darling ageless bikini beauty Rita Rusic. We've missed your veteran sextastic goodness along the beach the past month or longer. Sure, it's been nice to see the young girls prancing on the beach, but when the queen comes out in her pink bikini from a winter hibernation of making the sexy with young men, it's time to shift the spotlight to the veteran hottie set.

Rita Rusic continues to defy her 50-something age is just a number with such chaise lounge chair allure that I keep checking the wanted ads to see if she's hiring a cabana boy. I could easily help her on and off with her clothes at the beach, rub in the SPF 50, and make sure all the freckles on her bubbly chest are perfect aligned to the evening sky's constellations. I'm quite thorough when it comes to ridiculously hot older ladies. Very thorough. Enjoy.

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