Pr0n Comments for Valentines: What Those Cards Should Really Say

The day all men dread is here. If you're single, then drink to that. If you're in a relationship or (groan) married, then good luck trying to find a way to satisfy your lady's expectations on the Friday the fourteenth. Sexpectations, most men can handle. But expectations? It takes more than dinner and wine to quench their thirst for romance these days.

So if you worked your ass off trying to come up with the perfect non-surprise (face it, they're probably expecting you to do something nice, so all surprises on the fourteenth don't really count), then chill for a minute and meditate. Imagine a world where men decided what went down on Valentines...then check out these frilly pink Valentines with the most hardcore of comments from P0rnhub.

Most are entertaining, some are fuh-reaky, while others you might recognize as comments that you once banged out from your keyboard while you got your fap on. Happy Valentines!

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