Nicole Trunfio Polka Dot Bikini Goodness on the Shores of South Florida

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Aussie model Nicole Trunfio seems to have settled in nicely to her move to the United States. She's dating that musician guy from Texas, she's living in New York, and she's showing off her slender model form on bikini vacation in Miami. She's pretty much nailed down all the domestic model checkboxes in terms of hot girl living.

Nicole was on the beach in Miami showing off her lean fashion model from behind a teeny-weenie polka dot bikini that certainly caught my attention, if not the eyes of a whole gathering of gentleman oglers fortunate enough to spend their time leering on one of the prime pieces of ogle-worthy real estate in the world. We could use more imports like Nicole Trunfio. Let sweet hot good looking women in from all corners of the globe. I think it says something about that on the Statue of Liberty. Or it should. Enjoy.

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