Naya Rivera Has Sultry Sextastic Legs That Just Might Go on Forever

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I'm not exactly sure just how long legs are legally allowed to be, but Naya Rivera may be pushing the criminal boundaries with her epic long and lovely stems in this Cosmo Para Latinas magazine pictorial. Now, it might be Para Latinas, but I will tell you if you happen to love the allure of this former risque dancer turned Glee superstar, then it's more than para ti as well.

As an unabashed leg man, I find nothing finer than long toned gams ending in the pointed heels of a woman who surely has designed to make me her love slave, bound to do her bidding just for the chance to wax her long appendages each Tuesday. Naya, I'm so ready. I've already got the wax up to temperature. Let's smooth you out ever so slightly painfully. Enjoy.

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