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Logan Fazio Bikini Biking Photos Continue Her Run of Hot Watcher Being Watched

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There's something kinky about this bikini clad paparazzi being ogled herself while she attempts to shoot other celebrities on the beach in Miami. It's kind of hot. Maybe I'm just allured by the sheer size of her lenses, or maybe it's her bikini body on that bike of hers along the beach path, but put me in the camp of Logan Fazio fans.

When truth or dare comes and somebody dares me to bathe a paparazzi in a thousand tiny kisses, I'm choosing Logan. Though, I'm assuming I'd probably be the one daring myself in that case. And I'm also assuming Logan would probably beat me with her camera case. None of which really seems like significant obstacles to fulfilling my who's watching the watcher fetish fantasy.  Enjoy.

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