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LeAnn Rimes Surfing Bikini Girl in Hawaii

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Like half of the rest of Celebrityville, LeAnn Rimes is in the middle of filming a reality show about her domestic dramas and personal life. I'm quite certain I won't be watching this show when it airs, as there is grass to be watched growing, but I can't say it's off to a bad start given that it seems to consist heavily of shooting LeAnn in her bikini in the Hawaiian sand and surf.

In her latest on-camera venture, LeAnn strapped on a tight wet suit top and even tighter bikini bottom to take up the ancient Polynesian art of surfing. She seems to be not entirely natural on the board, but she does seem to be smiling and showing off her body in some wet clingy Spandex, which I'm sure the Hawaiian gods can at least appreciate, if not reward with a decent wave. If the show were called LeAnn Rimes Bikinis and Wardrobe Malfunctions, I'd probably tune in. But what do I know about what gets ratings? Enjoy.

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