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LeAnn Rimes Butt Cracking Bikini Weekend in Hawaii

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I think LeAnn Rimes is trying to tell us something. Most of her interviews involve her ceaseless chatter about how happy she is. So I have to assume that's an optimistic assessment. But this butt crack exposure is definitely speaking to me. Butt crack is one of the languages I happen to have mastered in my time studying the language arts. I'm pretty sure her cheeks are asking me to pour some suntan lotion into her bottom splits and then let gravity do the rest of the work. Sometimes, my misinterpretations do lead to a good punch in the face, but I'm willing to go forward on this hunch. Just look at that tatted ravine.

LeAnn had quite the multiple bikini weekend, apparently in Hawaii filming her new reality show called something like No Way in Hell Am I Watching This Crap, or something close to that. But, if the TV cameras get LeAnn into more revealing outfits, I suppose the destruction of the TV airwaves is a small price to pay. As long as they don't air the show in between my channel flips between sports and late night Cinemax, I won't complain. Enjoy.

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