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Kendra Spears Wicked Hot in Shorts and a Beach Tee in Miami

Kendra Spears, or more formally the Princess Salwa Aga Khan, since the Seattle model married into the Aga Khan stateless regal dynasty, well, she just keeps on modeling away. Thankfully, getting hitched into a centuries old billionaire family didn't seem to slake her thirst for showing off in skimpy little outfits. Or maybe it's just that a billion dollars doesn't buy you what it used to. Either way, thank the heavens Kendra is back to doing what she does best, putting on a pair of Daisy Dukes and a t-shirt and looking like one of the hottest beach girls on the planet, princess or otherwise.

I'm not sure what the future holds for Kendra. I suppose there are times when she will need to be in ball gowns attending state dinners and royal affairs, but hopefully she keeps her weekends free for skimpy wardrobe modeling. Never forsake your true gifts in life. Enjoy.

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