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Kat Dennings Cleavetastic Peaches in the Big Apple

I'm not familiar with the Constitution, but can't Obama order Kat Dennings to bare her bodacious top are more often in public than she does? It seems like a prudent use of executive powers.

For a good long while now Kat has decided to keep her own two mammy yammies to herself and her private time bath fun I presume. But sighting her chestal goodness has come far too few times. It can't possibly be lack of pride in her glorious pair. Nevertheless, Kat did give a hint of her supreme sextastic beneath in New York City, giving us gentleman oglers a glimpse of the monumental peaks of the 2 Broke Girls thespianic. If only there were more. I know that sounds greedy. But if we can make an exception to be greedy with anything, why not Kat Dennings funbags? Enjoy.

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