Kat Dennings Cleavetastic Peaches in the Big Apple

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I'm not familiar with the Constitution, but can't Obama order Kat Dennings to bare her bodacious top are more often in public than she does? It seems like a prudent use of executive powers.

For a good long while now Kat has decided to keep her own two mammy yammies to herself and her private time bath fun I presume. But sighting her chestal goodness has come far too few times. It can't possibly be lack of pride in her glorious pair. Nevertheless, Kat did give a hint of her supreme sextastic beneath in New York City, giving us gentleman oglers a glimpse of the monumental peaks of the 2 Broke Girls thespianic. If only there were more. I know that sounds greedy. But if we can make an exception to be greedy with anything, why not Kat Dennings funbags? Enjoy.

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