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Kat Dennings Cleavage is Growing As Is My Internal Thermometer

Damn, thermometer is a hard word to spell. But worth it for any discussion involving the Kat Dennings boobtastic. Yesterday, we saw a peek of her well-guarded chestal goodness. Today, a bit more form her appearance outside the David Letterman show. This is perhaps the worst tease in the history of teases, but I suppose since Kat did once take photos of herself topless and send them out into the digisphere, all should be forgiven. I mean, if her lawyers would stop threatening to sue everybody, all could be forgiven. Or maybe just a second bite at the visual apple, or apples, in the case of Kat's monumental bosom.

One of the top five chests in Hollywood and it needs to be freed. Let's see if Kat can find the true giving spirit inside herself. C'mon, Kat, make us believe. Enjoy.

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