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Jessica Alba Goes Snakeskin Miniskirt to Make You Look

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You can't really help leer at Jessica Alba, even when she's in mommy housewife mode. Especially when she's out and about in a short snakeskin skirt that triggers between one and one thousand Alba fantasy moments. She's not even trying, or, maybe, just a little, but looking so mighty fine every guy in the street is cranking their neck to see her run her errands.

Jessica Alba was one of the many celebrity ladies invited to the Gwen Steffani baby shower in L.A, running around grabbing presents and fineries and whatever else you bring to a baby shower. Sadly, I've never been invited, even to the sweet lesbionic couples to whom I donate my reproductive services. But if they're filled with girls who look like Jessica Alba in miniskirts, I'd sure like to attend. Enjoy.

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