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Hilaria Baldwin Shows Why It's Not So Bad to Hook Up With a Young Yoga Instructor If You Can

I must admit I didn't realize Alec Baldwin's young yoga teaching wife and baby mama was a Spanish born and bred gal. Well, Hilaria Baldwin returned to Madrid recently to show off her post-MILFy yoga skills for a photoshoot of rather noteworthy proportions. If noteworthy be a hot mom bending and contorting and standing on her head in a skirt in the middle of downtown Madrid. I think that qualifies.

We can make fun of Alec Baldwin for so many things, but I shall never mock him for his choice of second or third or whatever number wife. Sure, it's a bit scandalous to marry a hot Spanish woman of great flexibility half your age. But who wouldn't want a bit of this scandal in their lives? Sign me up. Enjoy.

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