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Helen Flanagan Likes to Show Off Her Undies (We Oblige Her By Staring)

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At some point, Helen Flanagan is going to take off all her clothes and either the world will end, or it will just feel like that as the paramedics place the oxygen mask over my face and tell me to calm down, the doctors might be able to still save my private parts. For now, Helen seems quite content showing off in little bits of lingerie and teasy flasher coats, like the world's best cocktail party date. I've never actually been to a cocktail party, unless you count keggers, but I'm imagining.

Helen Flanagan has quietly gone from humble Britty soap star to one of the world's most desirable blondes. When those clothes do come off, her rocket is going to launch itself into the stratosphere of sextastic popularity. It's times like these I'm happy I chose the profession of 'Visual Arts Assistant' as I write down on all official and government forms. Enjoy.

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