Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: GTA V’s Pornstar-on-a-Jetpack Mystery

Grand Theft Auto V is what fancy-ass industry experts call a big effin’ game. Los Santos is replete with minigames, secrets, hidden weirdness, all of that good stuff. In the midst of it are even secret-ier secrets, so enigmatic and vaguely alluded to that they may not damn well exist at all.

But screw it. Finding actual, non-half-assed evidence for something? Who has time for that? No-one, that’s who. The speculation-o-tron has been running since the game’s release last September, and is currently fixated on a jetpack which is, or isn’t, hidden in the game. The conspiracy theory points to the involvement of a porn star from the nineties. Y’know, like all the best conspiracy theories do.

As Kotaku reports, there’s a logo printed on the side of Trevor’s hangar that reads Jack Sheepe Servicing. This was the stage name of one Jake Steed, which he used in a porntastic remake of The Rocketeer. Said movie is 108 minutes long (the code ‘R-108’ crops up several times through the course of the game) and involves –wait for this, you’ll shit– a jetpack.

This raises so many questions. Is there a jetpack to be found? Why would he need a stage name at all, when ‘Steed’ is so perfectly porn-y? And most importantly, was the X-rated remake of The Rocketeer named The Cock-eteer? Because where we come from, you don’t let a great pun opportunity like that get away.