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Fernanda Marin Bikini Sextastic for the Pimping of the Water

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I've still yet to see a single bottle of this bottled H20 on the store shelves, but it matters not for these 138 water folks have brought us six months now of some ridiculously hot domestic and international models drinking and pouring the fancy water over themselves much to the delight of millions of thirsty gentleman oglers.

The latest and greatest is Fernanda Marin, Brazilian sextastic sensation getting all hot and prostrate and bothered whilst sucking down the 138 water in front of the Pink Dot outlet on Sunset Blvd.. Considering Pink Dot is who I call to get my grub on in the quite late evening hours, I think I see a wonderfully tasty addition to my standard order. Fernanda Marin in that tiny bikini. I don't even need food at that point. Not when you have take-out Brazilian. Yummy and pre-moistened. Enjoy.

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