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Claudia Romani And Her Killer Tush Hit the Waves on a Padde Board With Girl Buddies

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Oh, my, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, or go back in the water then come out of the water without feeling a bit embarrassed, along comes Claudia Romani and her award winning bikini bottom exhibited atop a paddle board off the coast of Miami. I suddenly feel myself wishing for a quick reincarnation as a shark swimming those particular waters in search of my next carnivorous delight.

That bottom just kills me, almost literally. Once Claudia starts adding some of her bikini-clad friends to the mix, I'm starting to get all kinds of ideas as to how my wedding night with her amazing booty is going to get creative, if not arrest-worthy. Hot girls bottoms do inspire so much naughtiness. Enjoy.

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