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Cameron Diaz Nearly Spills Out of Her Top on a Faraway Yacht, I Take This as a Good Omen

Oh, it's blurry alright. Cameron Diaz was way way out in the waters off the coast of St. Bart's where no cameras could possibly see her changing in between her shoots for Vogue magazine. Oh, but they forgot a little something called telescopic lens technology and raw desire, that overcomes a few nautical miles distance. At least, to capture the pixelated essence of Cameron in between wardrobe changes. We didn't quite get the full view we were looking for, just the precipice.

Still, this strikes me as a good omen for the coming week that we might capture the model blonde out in the middle of the Caribbean almost coming out of her robe. Pure luck. The kind of luck we don't just give thanks to, we sacrifice the full suovetaurilia to be sure the godd continue to bless us with the fortune of strong visuals. Yes, I'm sensing good week indeed. Cameron's hooters were desperately trying to back me up on this. Enjoy.

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