‘Borderlands 2’ Valentines DLC Brings Drunken Droids and Seedy Love Shacks (VIDEO)

Borderlands 2 Valentines
It's a baby stealin', whisky drinkin' good time!

Being the debonair, stylish and sophisticated dudes that the Ego-readers are, you surely have some badass Valentines plans. Y’know, limos, champagne, roses, all of that romantic BS. Either that, or you’ll be eating beans raw from the can with the drapes closed, like a lonely gaucho, pissed off at this whole ‘holiday.’ If that’s the case, Borderlands 2 has some seasonal DLC that may lift your spirits.

The franchise is renowned for its piss-takery of various holidays. As such, when two lovers merrily canoodling in a quiet spot are struck by lightning and explode as we pass them, leaving nothing but smoking pairs of boots behind, it’s no kind of surprise at all. Welcome to Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre.

Above is a heaping helping of gameplay from the DLC, courtesy of IGN. It weaves the crazy-ass tale of Mad Moxxi, who seeks to end the turf wars between the Hodunk and Zaford families. Along the way, we’ll encounter the Innuendo Bot 5000, admire some bountiful cleavage and shoot some whisky-addled tentacle freaks in the ass. Behold, and eagerly await the pack’s release on February 11.