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Barbara Palvin a Sextastic Vision in Satin

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Barbara Palvin remains my ever favorite sextastic lady named Barbara. This Hungarian supermodel has stormed the visual battlements of the modeling world in the past two years to raise her profile and lower the amount of clothes she wears just down to the bare essentials. In this case, a little bit of shiny satin from Twin Set lingerie and their Spring 2014 line.

I can easily imagine coming home to find Barbara in her boudoir wear in my own bedroom. I'd play hard to get, maybe pretend I wasn't going Vesuvius on the inside as I asked her how her day of modeling underwear had gone. I am a gentleman after all. From small conversation we would inevitably move on to long sweaty several minutes of impassioned love making. Mostly impassioned on my part. Barbara might continue doing her nails. I don't need my interactive experiences to be super interactive. I'm good with an occasional polite request to know if I'm done yet. Barbara, let's get to the magic. You bring your underwear. I'll being the noise-dampening wall panels and the cell phone signal jammer. Let's make a weekend of it. Enjoy.

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