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Anne Vyalitsyna in a Killer Black Bikini Showing Off Her Lithesome Lovely Lady Form

Are you really not in Miami yet? Still at work elsewhere? Well, you (and I) are missing one of the single best times of the year to be along the South Florida beaches. It's a bounty of international model and actress beauties in their skimpiest of bikinis the past week or so, including today slender Russian hottie Anne Vyalitsynawho just looked like she was born to be a breaker of male hearts, if not other anatomical regions.

Sure, I'd love to feed Anne Vyalitsyna a couple cheeseburgers and a malted daily until she gets to my perfect weight, determined more by touch than by scale, but as far as the ladies who need to keep themselves skinny to strut the catwalk, Anne V. is the model of hotness. I'm pretty sure her funbags are talking to me from beneath their mini-bondage top. Come to Miami, they are calling, and get yourself into a whole lot of trouble. Enjoy.

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