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Anais Zanotti and Coralie Teraiefa Bikini Playtime in Miami

Looks like our French stuntwoman and model hottie bikini buddy Anais Zanotti has a new buddy of her own, Coralie Teraiefa, often called Tahiti Cora because of her Pacific Island heritage. I guess these two luscious bodacious women love to skydive together, though today they've grounded their recreation to a little paddleball, booty exhibition, and, naturally, helping each other on with their bikini tops on the beach. I have to think that's more fun for us gentleman oglers than watching them fall from ten thousand feet out of an airplane in jumpsuits.

I can think of nothing finer than two gal pals getting together in hardly any clothing for a little fun in the sun and mutual body oil playtime. Well, perhaps if I was allowed to be their cabana boy for a day, that's would be a touch finer. I'm waiting by my phone, ladies. Let's make this happen. Enjoy.

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