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Anais Zanotti and Ana Braga Bikini Time Wardrobe Assistance on the Beach in Miami

Nothing to see here. Just a couple boobtastic international models helping each other strip and change into their bikini tops on the beach in Miami. Move along please. Eyes forward.

You know I'm already prone to believe that girl friends are pretty much all secretly Sapphic leaning pillow fighting secretly making out giggling female fiends. In my mind, they all are, though I'm sure the actual percentage is probably closer to just 78% or so. But seeing Frenchie Anais Zanotti and Sudamericana hottie Ana Braga assisting each other on the beach with their thong bikinis, well, that makes me want to believe it actually is closer to 100%. I help you on with your bikini, you help me on with mine, eventually somebody drops something, we have a laugh, then on to the seven hours of sweaty scissor kissing back at the beach house. I have to believe that's how it goes down daily for these two. Enjoy.

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