Amy Willerton Bikini Pictures Red With Deep Swiss Lust

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Amy Willerton is my new favorite British female form. It's not really that I have a decision in this process. The power of her boobtastic compels me. I could pretend otherwise, but I am just a pawn stuck between her two heavenly queens hoping to be destroyed in a good way.

The recent Miss Universe contestant is in Switzerland in her bikini showing off for the cameras and looking all kinds of steamy hot in the winter outdoors. I'm assuming it's a hot tub, or perhaps her ridiculously sextastic body just causes some kind of cold fusion event to occur. I'm feeling some kind of inexplicable atomic reaction of my own leering at her sweet booty and red bikini contained funbags. I so want to be in Switzerland right now. I might have to settle for my winter time cocktail of Swiss Miss and Brandy. Often, no Swiss Miss required. Enjoy.

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