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Amber Heard Breaks My Heart By Going Straight, But Still Wicked Hot in Vanity Fair

I make no bones about it. While it did cut off my particular pathway to Amber Heard loving, I really did lust Amber as my favorite lesbionic, her Sapphic scissor kissing girlfriends the key to so many fun time dreams about the actress and model over the past many years. Now, she's gone straight, going to marry Johnny Depp or something silly like that, and, well, I'm kind of disappointed. I wouldn't say she owed me so much as I would say she owed all of us.

Still, there's no denying Amber Heard is one smoking hot woman. Featured in the current edition of Vanity Fair in no much more than her sheer bra, Amber reminds us why it is so many women as well as men have drooled over her sextastic. She really is one helluva good looking woman. I guess Team Man got her back into the fold, but I can't help so much was lost in that trade. Enjoy.

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