Alyssa Miller Steamy Sultry Lingerie Hot for Intimissimi

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Southern California native model and sultry brunette Alyssa Miller got all sophisticated and retro for her latest promo shoot for Intimissimi lingerie. And while I myself am more of modernist when it comes to lingerie, you know, crotchless, leather, spikes, all the classy bits, I must say, the sextastic alluring Alyssa strikes quite the pose in this all grown up girl underwear.

We only get to see Alyssa in little spurts, as it were, so it's always a treat when this raven haired beauty lends her bodily talents to some publicly released pursuit. Lingerie modeling seems to come quite naturally to Alyssa who I like to imagine is modeling the Valentine's Gift I sent her in the mail last week. I can't take another Return to Sender. It makes me feel like an orphan all over again. Enjoy.

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