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Alessandra Ambrosio Bikinis Beach Hotness at Work and Play

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Whoa, MILFtastic Alessandra Ambrosio had quite the business and pleasure bikini weekend in Miami, flaunting her curves in a two piece quite professional for her taskmasters at Victoria's Secret (above), and then moving on to some R&R time on her own just hanging out in an equally stellar bikini chaise lounge showoff...

I guess when you're a bikini model there's not all that much difference between time on the clock and off the clock when you're hanging out at the beach. You just look wicked hot 24x7 and hope that some of those hours one of the guys with a camera shooting your tight booty is actually writing you a paycheck. Or just making unsolicited donations as I do. Hey, if I'm going to toss a few bucks toward Wikipedia, I'm going to toss a few more in Alessandra's virtual guitar case. We have to support the public arts. Enjoy.

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