Zahia Dehar Cleavetastic Performance at Paris Fashion Week

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If you look hard enough at Fashion Week, past the empty glitz and glamour and $600 pairs of pants, you will always find something ogle-worthy and quite eyeball friendly. Case in point, Zahia Dehar decked out and cleaved out to show off her lingerie line. You may remember Zahia Dehar as the former scandal-plagued teen prostitute. I prefer to think of her as the current Algerian-French hottie with whom I'd like to motorboat until Frère Jacques wakes up. She strikes quite a pose, a refreshing change of pace from the typical Euro fashion designers.

I learned long ago never to dig into a woman's past, just try desperately to dig into her present day goodies. It's like finding a treasure chest buried in the sand. Any time you spend wondering where it came from rather than plundering its riches is time wasted. Grab the gold. Smile. Enjoy.

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