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Victoria Justice Highlights the Celebrity Hotness at MusicCares Awards Show

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Yet another pre-Grammys fiesta over the weekend honoring something amazing fantastic and worthwhile, none of which mattered so much as seeing our lady of Victoria Justice looking all decked out and hot for the gala. Granted, this MusicCares event was yet another gala that somehow managed to lose my invitation, but from afar I could join in the visual wonderment of my belusted Victoria.

Joining Victoria were Lady Gaga, Brooke Candy, Alicia Witt, and LeAnn Rimes in the notables photo-able red carpet line up of standard gala goodies. But really Victoria stole the show. While I shall probably forever pine to see much more Justice, I can never turn away from a solid leer of her stellar good looks and allure. Someday, maybe, I hope and I pray. Enjoy.

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