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Sumo Lounge Chairs Are Sexier Than Your Mother (Unless You're Stephanie Seymour's Boys)

Our friends at Sumo Lounge have long been outfitting our offices at Egotastic! with their premium beanbag chairs from single person to Roman orgy size. Sadly, I've yet to have need for the orgy size model, but I have had a model nekkid before on my single size, so I've got nothing but gratitude to the boys at Sumo. Buy this as a Valentine's gift and you are in like David Spade.

Sumo Lounge is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a crazy ass 25% off list price. You only turn ten once, even if you have to repeat fifth grade for no damn good reason. I hate you, Principal Owens! Anyhow, if you're looking to furnish your home or office or that place you meet the girl your wife thinks is your racquet ball partner named Stu, head over to SumoLounge right now and get yourself an anniversary deal.

Remember to enter discount code: egotastic25

The first thing people say when they walk into my office is damn, where'd you get that cool chair. The second is, hey, did you know you were bleeding from your neck. That's how attention-grabbing these chairs are. Enjoy.

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